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HAZWOPER - 8 Hour Refresher - Online - Online course for Hazwoper 8 hour 1
Terrorism - This course focuses on the unique personal protection challenges that first responders face during a WMD or terrorist incident. Upon successful course completion, participants will be able to respond to a WMD/terrorism incident in a defensive mode and prelude the spread of a WMD hazard to the public and the environment. Major course topics include: assessing WMD hazards; predicting the likely behavior of WMD materials; affectively operating and communicating in a unified command structure of ICS; determining detection equipment and personal protection equipment needs; performing emergency decontamination; and identifying defensive strategies for a WMD incident. This course is compliant with the training requirements of the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 and 1926.65 HAZWOPER and provides the knowledge and skills needed to function at the hazardous materials operations level. The course is delivered using lectures, interactive participant activities, performance-oriented skills stations, small group discussions, multimedia scenarios, and an end – of-course examination. 0
Health and Safety Management Systems - If your business has 5 or more employees it’s a good idea to have a Health and Safety Management Policy. This course will bring to light what health and safety issues in your business you will need to address in your approach to managing environmental issues. 0
Hazardous Materials Management - This course is designed to be a comprehensive overview of the field of hazardous materials management and related sciences. Its primary intent is to meet the management needs of environmental professionals who have responsibility for hazardous materials management. This course will give you information on proper handling, storage, and removal of hazardous materials. 0
Site Supervisor - This one-day 8 Hr course is for on-site management and supervisory personnel who are directly responsible for employees engaged in hazardous waste site activities. Emphasis is placed on implementing site-specific health and safety plans. 0
Incident Commander - This two-day course is for those responsible for the direction and control of incidents involving hazardous materials emergencies and includes training on the Incident Command System and its implementation. Case studies of real-world incident scenarios will be discussed. 0
Hazardous Materials Specialist - This three-day course provides the standard for professional competence at the Specialist Level as specified in OSHA 1910.120. The course is designed for those who must have the knowledge and skill to assess risk levels and develop site-specific health and safety plans at emergency incidents involving hazardous materials. 0
First Responder Operations - This one-day course is for individuals who respond to releases or potential releases of hazardous substances as part of the initial response for the purpose of protecting nearby persons, property, or the environment from the effects of the release. Individuals at this level are trained to respond defensively without actually trying to stop the release. 0
First Responder Awareness - This half-day course is for those who handle or may witness spillage of hazardous materials. Course includes the identification of hazardous materials, levels of response and the appropriate actions to take. 0
Chemistry of Hazardous Materials - This course will allow personnel to determine how a spill might disperse and its ultimate fate in the environment. It is designed to introduce basic chemistry concepts to first responders and emergency personnel who deal with hazardous materials. It is important for the people who respond to situations where hazardous chemicals could be involved to have some knowledge of chemistry. 0
Chemical Protective Clothing & Decontamination - This four-hour course deals with all aspects of chemical protective clothing (CPC), from selection to decontamination. Learn how to select CPC, interpret permeation and breakthrough data, conduct job hazard analysis, determining CPC use cycles, and develop decontamination procedures and how to incorporate waste minimization into the decontamination process. 0
Air Monitoring - This one-day 8 Hr course will provide the student with general skills necessary to assist them with the planning stages of an air monitoring project, such as stack testing protocol design, contractor cost, experience and selection, safety concerns, staging, and rigging. The student will gain knowledge of specific USEPA Reference Test Methods for determining emissions compliance and alternative methods for internal process management, trimming, and tuning. Coordination of regulatory agency review and composition of QA/QC documents such as operating plans permits, protocols, and final reports will also be addressed. Also covered will be the USEPA performance specifications and auditing procedures of continuous emissions, flow and opacity monitoring systems (CEMS). Students may inquire about the theory of operation and performance evaluation procedures of the components of traditional extractive, in-situ or NDIR CEMS. Selection criteria of CEM's cost, vendors, maintenance, and trouble-shooting will be discussed. 0
Storm Water - This 4 Hr course has been designed to help those responsible for managing storm water permitting, or developing and implementing storm water Pollution Prevention Plan. This course takes a look at federal & state regulation, which permit will you need? A look at decisions you need to make to apply for the correct permit. We will look at Minimum Control Measures and Best Management Practice. 0
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) - This course provides an in-depth review of the federal requirements for SPCC plans and a complete analysis of the development of SPCC rules and regulations. Development of SPCC plans requires detailed knowledge of the facility and the potential effects of any oil spill. This course provides information about the current SPCC regulations, contingency plans, facility response plans, and reporting requirements to help prevent oil spills. 0
RCRA Waste Management Refresher - Know the importance of being familiar with waste classification, storage, and handling of hazardous waste. Learn to implement requirements of hazardous waste management programs and contingency plans to insure RCRA compliance. This half-day course fulfills the requirements for initial and annual refresher training for hazardous waste handlers. 0
RCRA Waste Management - This two-day course is designed for individuals responsible for the management of hazardous waste management systems, pollution prevention programs and waste minimization strategies. This course also fulfills the requirements set forth in 40 CFR 264.16 and 40 CFR 265.16 for those individuals who direct hazardous waste operations under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). 0
Emergency Coordinator - This one-day 8 Hr course fulfills the requirements for on-site management and supervisory personnel who serve as an RCRA-designated”Emergency Coordinator”. Emphasis is placed on teaching the individual how to implement the Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan, emergency response and reporting procedures. 0
Shipper Awareness - Know the importance of complying with the national and international standards for environmental communications and packaging to support emergency planning and response. This one day course prepares you for classifying, packaging, handling, marking, placarding, or registering hazardous materials for transportation via all modes (highway, rail, air, or water). This course includes the current and new regulations for marking, placards, handling, and registering hazardous materials. 0
General Awareness - This half day 4 Hr course fulfills the initial and refresher training requirements for General Awareness training compliant with the Federal DOT regulations for any person coming in contact with the movement of hazardous materials. This includes those personnel handling hazardous wastes, drivers, shippers and receivers and emergency responders. 0
Confined Space Operations - This 8 Hr confined space training course fulfills the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.146 for confined space entry supervisors, entrants and attendants. Topics to be covered in this class include the OSHA Final Rule, definitions, responsibilities (employee/employer/entry supervisor /attendant/entrant), classification and identification of confined spaces, entry permits, entry preparation, emergency plan, termination procedures, reporting and recordkeeping requirements, training requirements, rescue consideration and others. During the class confined space equipment (harnesses, lanyards, retrieval systems, etc.) that may be required for use in confined space operations will be reviewed. 1
HAZWOPER - 24 Hr Technician Level - This three day course provides the standard for professional competence at the Technician Level as specified in OSHA 1910.120. The course is designed for those who must have the knowledge and skill to take appropriate offensive or defensive action requiring advanced chemical protection (EPA levels C, B, or A) at a hazardous materials incident. 3
HAZWOPER - 8 Hour Refresher - Tired of the same old "boring" training year after year? This totally restructured one-day refresher course will stimulate, educate and expand your knowledge. The course includes the "core" of "must do" subjects and then provides electives to choose from. Using extensive site experience, the instructors bring reality into the classroom. 1
HAZWOPER - 40 Hour - This five day course is required for site workers, environmental and safety personnel, contractors, and others involved in hazardous waste site activities. Extensive hands-on experience including simulations involving use of personal protective equipment, detection instruments, spill control and emergency response equipment is provided. 5
HAZWOPER - 24 Hour - This three day course is for site workers, environmental and safety personnel and contractors who are occasionally on a hazardous waste site, performing specific and limited tasks. Course includes workshops and real world examples. 3

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