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Air Monitoring

This one-day 8 Hr course will provide the student with general skills necessary to assist them with the planning stages of an air monitoring project, such as stack testing protocol design, contractor cost, experience and selection, safety concerns, staging, and rigging. The student will gain knowledge of specific USEPA Reference Test Methods for determining emissions compliance and alternative methods for internal process management, trimming, and tuning. Coordination of regulatory agency review and composition of QA/QC documents such as operating plans permits, protocols, and final reports will also be addressed. Also covered will be the USEPA performance specifications and auditing procedures of continuous emissions, flow and opacity monitoring systems (CEMS). Students may inquire about the theory of operation and performance evaluation procedures of the components of traditional extractive, in-situ or NDIR CEMS. Selection criteria of CEM's cost, vendors, maintenance, and trouble-shooting will be discussed.
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